The  islands of Petalioi, the “Greek Maldives” of South Evoikos gulf, is a place of exceptional natural beauty in the bay of Marmari, opposite Likorema. They are 4 small islands and 6 rocky islands with sheltered beaches and turquoise blue waters.

The islands history started since the time when it was the summer holiday home of Omer Pasha’s harem.

In the 1960s, celebrities of the time began to visit Petalioi. A large stretch of land on the largest island of Petalioi once belonged to Picasso’s children, Claudius and Paloma, who after rebuilding the former royal stables, spent many of their summers along with some of their internationally renowned friends. Maria Callas, Greta Garbo, Rudolf Nureyev and Winston Churchill spent some of their summers there.

You can visit the islands and enjoy the exotic beaches and crystal turquoise blue waters on daily cruises by boat.