Discover untouched beaches of unparalleled beauty…


At a distance of just 200 meters from SkiNAmmos eco villas lies a magnificent hidden beach which has been included in the european Natura 2000 network. Likorema beach is an exquisite place that enchants and soothes the soul.  The crystal-clear turquoise waters, the sandy and pebble beach, the islet, the reefs and the rich seabed make it unique. It is ideal for amateur fishing and snorkeling.
At SkiNAmmos eco villas, you have the privilege to live the experience on this exceptional beach, day and night, all year round.


Megali (or Chrisi) Ammos Beach

This unique sandy beach is opposite the island Hersonissi of Petalioi and only 6 km from SkiNAmmos eco villas. It changes form depending on the wind and the flow of the water currents. This special beach is particularly loved by windsurfers and kitesurfers due to the north winds that blow in the area and make it one of their favorite destinations.




Agios Dimitrios Beach

This is one the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean sea in south Evia. This is the end of Agios Dimitrios gorge and is located a short distance before the beach of Kallianou which is the end of Dimosari’s gorge. Here you will find imposing natural surroundings and turquoise-blue waters. It is 30 km from SkiNAmmos eco villas.




Giannitsi Beach

Giannitsi is an impressive beach on the Aegean coastline where you can enjoy moments of tranquility and isolation close to the nature. The waters are crystal-clear and ideal for diving and fishing. It is 24km from SkiNAmmos eco villas.




Potami Beach

This is the most popular beach on the southern part of the Cavo d’oro coastline. It was named after the river (potami) that flows from the village of Panochori, higher up on the mountain, crosses Platanistos village, creates a 6-meter waterfall and, after running under two old stone arch bridges, ends in a small and fertile valley by the sea. Just before it flows into the sea, the river crosses a plane-tree area. The beach is about 1 km long and quite wide, enclosed at both ends by high cliffs. The distance from SkiNAmmos eco villas is about 40 km.