The eye goes from green to turquoise and then to azure and ocean blue of the Aegean.

Olive trees, thyme, chasteberries,  skina and sand, pebbles, reefs and untouched beaches.

This is our natural paradise and our main concern has been to respect it and make SkiNAmmos  villas eco  villas.

  • Estate

The estate surrounding the villas is certified by TUV AUSTRIA for organic cultivation. Over 20 different types of herbs can be found in the flower beds surrounding the villas. Everything comes from a certified organic nursery and is organically grown. In the vegetable garden, we cultivate local organic varieties of vegetables and fruits. Olive and fruit trees complete the crops. The estate recycles compostable materials which supplies us with natural fertilizer for our crops.

  • Construction

In the armor of the complex we used the THORAX system which is the cutting edge solution in terms of fasteners in reinforced concrete structures. The Supremacy of the Earthquake Armor has been confirmed experimentally at the Reinforced Concrete Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the Democritus University of Thrace (DST).

  • Insulation

Reinforced insulators were used in the masonry and uncovered parts of the construction.

  • Window and Door Frames

The exterior frames are synthetic with double glazing to avoid a heat bridge with the environment.

  • Material of Paint

The colors in the masonry are ecological.

  • Lighting

LED lightbulbs are used throughout  the complex.

  • Heating – cooling

Each villa features a traditional fireplace. Tradition is combined with modern technology using underfloor heating  with a geothermal heating – cooling  system. The geothermal energy is an unlimited energy source. The ground that surrounds the buildings contain a large supply of thermal energy. This source is constantly recharged by the sun, the adjacent terrain, and the thermal load discharged from the buildings during the summer.

  • Hot water

For hot water, a solar panel system is used that operates with the geothermal system during cloudy days.

  • Sleep – Relaxation

The beds, mattresses and mattress covers are all made of natural materials and have the signature of COCO-MAT. For even greater comfort and relaxation, you can choose the type of pillow you want from a variety of COCO-MAT pillows all made from natural materials. Your comfort is guaranteed on COCO-MAT three-seater sofas.

  • Biological Treatment

An integrated biological cleaning system is used.

At SkiNAmmos eco villas we ask you to help us be more effective in our effort to live and enjoy nature without weighing it down.

We therefore invite you to use the resources that satisfy you without unnecessary waste!