WELCOME     white curves set     against sparkling blue the sea, the sun, the light,     the plain luxury the island...     the Petali island pebbles, islets,     skina and sand
SkiNAmmos Experience

white   curves   set   against   sparkling   blue
the   cyclades,   the   petali   islands
the   reefs,   the   mountains
turquoise-blue   seas,   aged   olive trees
seagulls   and   blackbirds,   pebbles   and   thyme
skina (lentisk)   and   ammos (sand),   SkiNAmmos

SkiNAmmos eco villas,
the  destination  where  the  sea,  the  sun,  the  light  meet  plain  luxury,  peacefulness,   privacy,  warm
hospitality  and  inspire  you  to  be  part  of  the  dream,  gain  unique  experiences  and  create  stories
to  take  home  with  you…

Our neighbourhood

The hidden paradise one does not expect to find so close to Athens,
located in the scenic gulf of Petalioi islands
between Marmari and Karystos in South Evia,
across from Attiki (mainland Greece) and Kea, the closest of the Cycladic islands.
An exquisite, serene place that captivates visitors.

Our Beach

At a distance of just 200 meters from SkiNAmmos eco villas lies a magnificent beach which has been included in the european Natura 2000 network. Likorema beach is an exquisite place that enchants and soothes the soul. The crystal-clear turquoise waters, the sandy and pebble beach, the little island, the reefs and the rich seabed make it unique. Ideal for amateur fishing and snorkeling.

At SkiNAmmos eco villas, you have the privilege to live the experience on this exceptional beach, day and night, all year round.

Our Villas

D r e a m s . . .  modern  minimalistic  aesthetics  at  an  amazing  natural  spot,  the ideal  choice  for  the  vacation  you  always  dreamed  of . . .


E u p h o r i a . . .  exquisitely decorated surroundings and a most welcoming ambience  for a unique sensation of  euphoria  on  your  summer holidays  or  winter  getaways . . .


N i s s o s . . .  privacy,  idyllic  atmosphere  and  unforgettable  relaxing  moments  while  gazing  at  the  endless  turquoise  blue  waters  surrounding  nissos  (the island) . . . 


T h a l a s s a. . . luxurious  stay  and  an  incredible  atmosphere  of  serenity  in  a  natural  paradise  by  the  crystal  blue  Aegean  thalassa. . .


M e l o d y. . . the  luxury of  peace  and  harmony  to the  melodic  rhythms  of  the  nature  in a small  heaven  on  earth. . .


EXCELLENT! FANTASTIC! These are two words that barely can describe what SkiNammos is all about!


Need to visit, top place!!!

Very good people, location is magical, fantastic view, the sea is amazing.
For sure we will go again a must for people who seek quality and peaceful time.


Fantastic Weekend

Everything was perfect! The owners, George and Katherina, are very kind and helpful people, the apartment is freshly made and its furnitures are very nice. The beautiful Likorema beach is just 200 m away from the apartment. Perfect weekend and we hope to return there soon! 🙂


A perfect holiday, great hosts, good facilities and amazing beach

A perfect holiday!!! The owners, Katerina and George, are very kind and give lots of great tips for travelling around and good restaurants, the house is brand new and very comfortable and its facilities are very good. The amazing Likorema bach is just 3 minutes away from the house. The place located between Marmari and Karystos, two nice towns worth visit.


A magnificent stay with our kid to a beautifully decorated beach villas!! Excellent hosts as well!!

Very comfortable beds. Nice decoration Beautiful sea view Quite environment All the amenities Wonderful people A place you cant miss.