In a place of unique natural beauty, close to a stunning beach with crystal blue waters, already included in the European Natura 2000 network, we put heart and soul to create a “haven” to welcome you to live your dream holiday whether you seek serenity or exhilarating outdoor activities.

At SkiNAmmos eco villas you can relax enjoying the sounds, the colors and the aromas of the nature, taste fresh vegetables from the garden, watch the birds, go swimming or fishing and, within a short distance, admire the famous Drakospita (dragon houses), cross Dimosari’s gorge, swim in rock pools and wander in ancient paths…

Hiking on the paths of history and myth

Drakospita  (Dragon Houses)

Hike in the world’s unique megalithic monuments of Evia, the Drakospita. They consist of huge stones from Dryopes, the first Greek tribe that passed through the island of Evia. What draws awe and admiration is the huge construction and roofing of the houses which is unique for that period of time. How can you not be surprised seeing the Cyclopean stones floating over your head! They date back to 1100 BC. The findings of the excavations at Drakospita are found in the Archaeological Museum of Karystos.


Armenon Castle

Armenon Castle is built over the village of Styra at an altitude of 630 m. It was constructed during the 6th century BC and then inhabited throughout history up to the Byzantine period. Giant rocks are a natural fortification and part of the construction of the walls is preserved. Inside, you will find the chapel of the Virgin Mary of 1879 and the rocky cave of Saint Nicholas. The gate is constructed of huge monoliths inspiring admiration. From this point, the view of the Evoikos Gulf is unique.



The area is ideal for walks to natural beauty spots

Likorema – Megali Ammos (Chrisi Ammos) – Marmari

Starting from your villa on foot or by mountain bike, follow the dirt road to Marmari. From above you can see the bay of Likorema, its beaches and the islands of Petalioi. Continuing you can see Marmari in the background, while Megali Ammos lies at your feet, a special beach whose morphology changes shapes depending on winds and currents making it an ideal destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing.



The Gorge of Dimosari

The eastern side of Mount Ochi in Evia hides a green treasure, a real museum of Nature, Dimosari’s gorge, which is one of the most imposing trekking trails in Greece. The place is reminiscent of a painter’s palette, with touches of red and yellow wildflowers mingling with the green of the fern that covers the banks and slopes of the Dimosari river. Water, a catalyst of life, dispenses its life-giving flow into the gorge, forms little waterfalls and rock pools before it ends in the beach of kallianou.


We can arrange for an experienced mountain guide to accompany you on your excursions.




Scuba – Snorkeling Trips

Tour on our boat to the enchanting waters of the Aegean. Discover with snorkeling -surface swimming with mask and snorkel- the turquoise waters of Petalioi, wild beauty of Archapolis, Andros or Kea. Isolated uniquely beautiful beaches await you. Swim in the crystal-clear waters, experience marine life and take your own underwater pictures.

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Scuba Diving – Free diving

Admire the wonders of Southern Evoikos gulf up close. Swim with fish or catch a ride with a dolphin. The morphology of our sea makes almost each beach a separate Dive Site. Ideal for either Shore Diving or Boat Diving. Whatever the weather forecast for South Evia might be, you get the opportunity for a thrilling Dive Site.


Diving – Snorkeling Map

Visit our Diving/Snorkeling map, see where we dive. Travel with our pictures to the most important dive sites of South Evia, the gulf of Karystos, the Petali islands and Marmari.


Activities close to the estate and the beach


Τhe small and large bays of Lykorema and its reefs are well-known fishing grounds. At SkiNAmmos eco villas, you and your loved ones can enjoy this hobby safely and comfortably as your villa is just 200 meters from the beach.

Bird watching

Schinus, olive trees, myrtle and chasteberry trees, two springs, as well as inaccessible beaches, rocky islands and rich fishing grounds create a safe environment and rich food for a variety of birds. Blackbirds, wild pigeons, turtle doves, partridges, falcons on the slopes, gulls, crows and other seabirds, on the shore and the island of the bay, are painted on a blue and green background and make up their own unique melodies.

We provide binoculars so you can enjoy the picture close up.

As for the birds’ singing, just enjoy it… 

Organic farming

Your stroll in the countryside that surrounds the SkiNAmmos eco villas complex has, depending on the season, the aroma of thyme, summer savory, chasteberry, cedar, myrtle, wild lavender in purple, yellow, white, dark red. The background is always green from nature and blue from the sea. We keep nature around every villa. Organically-certified herbs fill the flower beds. Aged olives are organically grown and give us their valuable fruits. The vegetable garden is planted with local varieties using certified organic spores and is organically grown giving us fruits rich in flavor and aroma.

It will be our pleasure to show you the cultivation and harvesting of fruit and vegetables, should you wish to participate.