Evia island

Discover Evia, the beautiful serene island which has kept its unique character. It combines mountains, sea, harmony, peace and beaches, something for everyone.

It is the second largest island in Greece after Crete and the sixth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. It is connected with the rest of Greece by ship through the harbours of Rafina, Agia Marina (Marathon, Attica), Oropos and Arkitsa and by road via the impressive High Suspension Bridge.

In the north, you will find countless pine forests and landscapes reminding of the Sporades islands.

Chalkida, the capital, sits on the central part of the island boasting the two signature landmarks, the fortress of Karababa offering the best view of the Evripos gulf and the Evripos Bridge, below which you will witness something that happens nowhere else in the world, the Evripos Mystery Tide, the turbulent waters. Every six hours the currents swell up and then change direction.

In the South, enjoy Cycladic landscapes with impressive beaches and discover Mount Ochi with the ancient Chestnut Forest, the enigmatic Drakospita (dragon houses), the ancient marble quarries, the columns, the enchanting Dimosari’s gorge and the medieval castles.

From the Southern part of Mt Ochi, you can view Cavo D’oro Cape, Andros and north Cyclades.