Five boutique villas DreamsThalassaMelodyEuphoria and Nissos are spread out over four levels at an advantageous location with a panoramic view of the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea.

They are built using Cycladic lines, surrounded by herbs, organic vegetable gardens, and ancient olive trees at a distance of just 200 meters from the beach.

They offer private paved verandas and herb gardens, sitting rooms, fully equipped kitchens and one bedroom (Dreams, Euphoria, Nissos) or two bedrooms on the lower level (Thalassa, Melody).

Uniquely decorated, they combine Cycladic architecture with modern luxury.

The elegant and refined layout offers autonomy, privacy and facilities of a functional vacation home.

They are furnished to provide you with a cozy, warm atmosphere.

Earth tones in the interior design, plenty of sunlight, a cool breeze and the clear view offer the experience of the ultimate holiday.

This special experience concludes in a restful slumber which is essential to an ideal holiday stay. Coco-mat products, which are used throughout, from the 3-seater sofas, the beds, the anatomic mattresses and the mattress pads to the various pillows, promise you a sleep on nature experience.